Geoff Gunney and Jimmy Brogden arrieve at the Hilton Coutesy of South Leeds Hunslet Cars




To the Hunslet RL Parkside ex Players 1883 Website 1973

"We've Swept The Seas Before Boys,

& So We Shall Again "

Jimmy Brogden Remembers.


As one of our oldest and fittest ex players Jimmy has sent some photo's and memories of Hunslet and his playing day's.

90 year old Jimmy's father "Titch" also played for Hunslet just after the First World War - The First Photo below the Video, shows the Captain of Hunslet Walter Gurrin with the ball. Walter was a very big man much bigger than most contemporises of his age. This picture was taken in the 1920-21 season was the Hunslet team that played Wigan at Parkside in front of a record crowd at Parkside of 21,000+, The match was filmed and the film was later screened to full houses at the Crescent Cinema in Dewsbury Road- if we could find a copy of the film I am sure that we would all "Lap it Up" going to see it at "Winston's" formally the Crescent to view it.?

Walter and Jimmy's father "Titch” joined the Royal Flying Corps(Forerunner of the R.A.F.) together ( it was then a kind of sports battalion) in the First world war , Walter served in Iraq – “Titch” who was only 5 foot tall and never weighed no more than 8 stone six was expected to become a Jockey after the war, was stationed at Farnborough when he witnessed Captain Pilot Leif Robinson shoot down a German Zepplin, the Zepplin was forced to descend because of low cloud level, this enabled Captain Robinson to climb above it and shoot it down ,on a normal day the Zepplin flew to high for the British planes to get in range. It was the first Zepplin shot down over England during WW1.

Towards the end of the war Being a sportsman of size Walter Gurrin was selected to fight an exhibition bout against "Bombadier Billy Wells" the then British Heavy Weight Boxing Champion .

It was reported that the champ said to Walter after the bout that if Walter ever took up boxing -"He would retire!"

Immediately after the war ended in 1918 “Titch” and Walter somehow found themselves "volunteering" to fight the Russian Bolsheviks and ended up in a multi country battalion (Including German Soldiers who they had been shooting at only day's before ) fighting up in the very north of Russia near Murmansk on Lake Onega - In1919 they returned home and were signed for Hunslet. (Obviously missing the Air and the exciting times in Hunslet?).

So there you have it - the answers to the first two Quiz Questions- to find the answer to the third question of Who was the first Butcher in Leeds to employ a Lady Butcher? you will have to view the video below- This Video is a great general Historic documentation of Hunslet covering all aspects of its History including some rare footage of Hunslet’s Victory in the 1934 Challenge cup final at Wembley over Widnes (although the sound of the final is not too good the quality of the video is excellent)- The answer to the third Quiz question comes towards the end of the Video- I thank Jimmy Brogden for letting us Share his memories-Below and for the "Trip Down Memory Lane - Hunslet " Video.



The above Team from Record crowd V Wigan 1920-21season

Nk, Nk, Moss?Nk, Nk, Nk, Nk,

Nk, Nk, Walter Gurrin Captain, Nk, Nk,

"Titch" Brogden------------------------------------Nk,


Hi, the photo that says 1920-21 was dated 17th September 1921 against Leeds. The players were as follows with positions they played.


Back row J Walsh [9], G Bennett [10], J H Buglass [11], C Sage [12], J Band [8], H Mann [3]


Middle row J Mitchell [6], M Jones [4], W Guerin [13], E Fearn [5], C Wright [2]


Front J Brogden [7], A Feltham [1]



Sage, Jones and Feltham were Welsh and Sage is some relative to David Brook who played in the 1990's for Hunslet [I Believe]



The cup-tie with Wigan and record crowd was 15th March 1924, three years later.


Thanks Steve




Federation of Supporters

Hunslet Intermediates at Bramley's Barley Mow Ground in 1941


Walter Burnell, Nk, Syd Rookes(Fast asleep) ,Nk ,Haig, Doug Billings (with sun in his eyes) , Garside Trainer

Cliff Walton Trainer, Garside, Cussins, Sonny Ruston - Captain, Jimmy Brogden, Frank "Shank" Watson

Wetherill Kenny Hitchen

this Player later Joined up as an Air Gunner

and was sadly later killed in the war.

Jimmy & The Russian Convoys

By coincedence just after the the above photo was taken Jimmy Brogden joined the Royal Navy(as did many of his freinds from Hunslet) and in part of his war service he was on the Russian Convoys,

He often made it to Murmansk under heavy fire from the German Navy,where ironically his father had been fighting against the Bolshovics 20 odd years before!

The Above photo shows Jimmy Brogden with the Yorkshire Senior Cup in the 1946-7 season.

Hunslet had won a close fought game which they were victorious against Wakefield at Bell View 4 points to 2,

As was common in those day’s both teams had a fair share of first team players included.


Frank “Shank” Watson dropping a goal in the last minute to secure a well deserved victory for Hunslet. What also told me was that you will notice that the cup has a “Welsh Dragon” on the lid- this had previously been donated to the Welsh Rugby League in South Wales as their League Cup. The Welsh League folded and it was taken back by the RL and presented for the Yorkshire senior competition. I wonder where it is today?????

The Loose forward that day for Hunslet was Syd Thaxter who later emigrated to Australia where he died a few years ago- he is seen here below with his wife in later years.



A Wartime Hunslet Team with Guest Players

Plenderlth, Cyrril Morrel, Doug Billings,Jack Walkington, Joe Brittain, Colin Stansfield, Ken Trail, Des Clarkson.

Nk Guest Player, Freddie Williamson, Jackie Fletcher, Don Burnell guest player, Frank "Shank" Watson.

Another Update from Steve Calline

it says Don Burnell [guest player!]. He played for Hunslet at this time and also the following season before being transferred to either Batley or Hull


Thanks again Steve





The Team above is from the Late 1940's

Bernard Wardle, Nk, Nk, Cyril Morrel, Pop Whitehead, Doug Billings, Nk,

Nk, Nk, Pete Anson, Mick Berry, Ernie Seabourne, Nk.


Jimmy Brogden recalls the day of the game when Pete Anson was first selected to Play with the First team, but he was doing his national service at the time and could not get leave to play, so he absconded , Hunslet RL did not know this and the team was announced in the press . the Military Police read the article and duly went down to Parkside to arrest Peter before the game, one of the Hunslet officals talked the M.P's into letting Peter play and then to arrest him after the game- no doubt being Rugby League fans they agreed to this request.

After the game the M.P's were waiting outside the Hunslet pavilion dressing rooms - for Peter to get bathed and emerge, Peter went up to the office to collect his match pay from George Richardson the then Hunslet Secretary who then made Peter aware of the M.P.s presence at the back of the Pavilion downstairs- Peter who could alway's spot an opening, promptly Jumped throught the open upstairs window and was last seen running over the

"Cuckoo Steps" towards Old Belle Isle, much to the amusement of the crowd and the derision of the Military Police.


The Ernie Seabourne on the front row was the father of Barry Seabourne the Leeds & Great Britain Scrum Half.


It was absolutly facinating talking to Jimmy Brogden and I would like to thank him for providing us with some wonderfull memories- of Hunslet. He has a remarkable memory, that anyone half his age would be plased with , never mind a 90 year old.

Jimmy was born and lived for a long time in Dartmouth Street which was just beside Wikinson's Knacker Yard at the bottom of Burton Road- his little Street backed onto Clayton's Sports field where cricket was played.Just beyond Claytons Sports field was Hunslets Parkside Ground, and at the bottom of the Street was part of Hunslet Moor known locally as "Oss Killers Moor" at that time the otherside of The Knackers Yard to Garnet Road was all fields, stretching right up to John Kings- and often Rubarb was grown on it when Wilkinsons were not fattening the Horses up for shipping abroad, which they often did via the Coal Straithe on Moor Road..

Later a warehouse was built on this land, initialy it was used by Drivers selling Fancy Goods, Jimmy recalls that when you went shopping there they gave you free Tea, Coffee and Horlicks? and that it later became Prices Taylors- Former Hunslet 1934 Challenge Cup Winner, Mark Toulson was the Head Boilerman, and many Hunslet Players wifes and mothers worked there including Alf's Bunells wife Mary and Stuart Keane's mother Alice (Stuart was born in Garnet Road). So realy Jimmy was born in the country- with the added advantage of the "Hunslet Air"

He went to Hunslet Moor School and was taught by the Great Australin and Leeds winger Eric Harris known as:

"The "Twolahumba Ghost"

He recalls a story his mother told him about the the Hunslet team of the 1920's being guest of honor at the Leeds Empire, they took along a local midget who was a great charecter called Little Lenard. The top of the bill was a well known lady called "Resistor" who's variety act was of Strength and Hypnotism- She first Challenged Professor Marks to Try and lift her up on stage- Professor Marks was a well known boxing trainer and promotor in Leeds where he had a Gym up the Whip Public House yard in Lower Briggate. Professor Marks was himself a very fit Man, but on attempting to lift "Resistor" disclolated his thumb- next one to try and lift her was Walter Gurrin who we all know was Big, Fit and Strong- he barley lifted her a few inches. Next up was Little Lenard who brought the house down by lifting "Resistor" a few feet with ease off the ground.

I can't wait to go and listen to some more story's from "Our Jimmy"

Thanks Jimmy

p.s When I asked what he called his wife he replied "Darling"


That's all for now Folk's



The above Ode is Dedicated to all those ex players who hav'nt had a good bath lately??


We are about to Publish all the menus with all the names of the Speakers , I found this cutting in some of the files that our beloved ARCHIVIST Keith Rowson had previously sent me ,but had somehow missed publishing it .Ces Thompson is pictured below, and this preseason training letter that was sent out to all players.


CES THOMPSON pictured when he graduated and with one of his Great Britain Caps, And with his scrap book in his hand.




Some More from Jarvo our Esteemed Editor in Chief

With some Cartoons from the Early 1900s


So here we have our original Artist even one older than Alfredo de Burnell?


Hunslet won the replay in the 1907/8 season


What is remarkable about this Caricature above ( we think it is from about 1947-8) is that Billy Hannah is still the Trainer and Jim Lewthwaite is still the President , both held the same position in the 1907-8 season. this must be a record for any team sport, especially by todays standards, where it seems that if a football manager lasts beyond HALF TIME he gets a huge bonus. Alf Burnell tells me that Billy Hannah was a very good coach he had principals that he stuck to, one of which was that it didn't matter which player it was , he would be dropped the next week if he took a DUMMY- He must have been a great Coach or he had something on Jim Lewthwaite to last over 40 years????


And now for this weeks final posting it's alway's nice to post something that brings joy to any Old Parksiders Heart- Beating our "Dear Friends" from across the River Aire Leeds RL- So on this happy note may I wish you all a Great Weekend.

Old Mother Benson 8/8/2013



It Shows Jack Firn's posing for the camera?

Obviously we have saved the best photo till last?





The Frank "Shank"Watson Memorial Team

Back Row;Ray Abbey, Keith Rowso, Geoff Grace, Brian Culley, Gordan Tindale,ErnestBrogden,Bob Pickles,Ronnie Fletcher, Alan Simpson,Stuart Keane, Peter Jarvis.

Front Row:Anne Rowson, Michelle Mason, Maureen Grace,Frank"Shank"Watson, Alan Darlow,Edna Brogden, Dianne Cole, Dian Jarvis.


The photo below Shows Laurie Baker seated on the front row second from left , all the rest are the same as above


This very rare picture Shows "Shanks" signing his book Shanks - The remarkable story of Frank 'Shanks' Watson, with the author Laurie Baker looking on at Hunslet Warriors R.L.Club


Have you spotted what is even more remarklable about this picture!

Well done - yes you got it , some one found or remembered the combination to take Franks Flat Cap off. This is indeed a very rare photo. I do believe that Franks T'old thatch is beginning to grow again?


"Photo's very kindly sent to us by Pam Crosby of Hunslet Warriors"



Hunslet Championship Semi Final Team from 1959.


This is the team that beat Wigan 22 - 11 at central park on the 2nd May 1959 to reach the Championship Final, it was played in front of a huge crowd 23.254 mainly Wigan supporters. Hunslet went through to play St Helens at Odsal on the 16th May.

your Archivist Keith Rowson.


Back row left to right, Ronnie Collins, Billy Langton,Geoff Gunney,Don Hatfield,Sam Smith,Jim Stockdill.

Middlerow L-R ,B.Walker,Ken Eyre.Brian Shaw Captain,Harry Poole,Dennis Tate.

Front left , Kevin Doyle Alan Preece


A Fine Bunch of Men from 1948


Hunslet team boarding the bus in Leeds City Centre for the 1948 challenge cup replay at Widnes. Hunslet won the match 3-0 and eventually went on to play Bradford Northern in the semi-final (Just look how smartly dressed our players are and their shiny shoes what about Joe Britton's trilby!) George Richardson the club secretary must be thinking Hunslet are getting too much pay.

Players L/R

Clarkson; Bennett; Alf Burnell; Rooks; Walt Burnell; Metcalfe; Rushton; Britton; Graham; Russell; Carroll; Watson; Davies; Griffiths; Newbound; Geo Richardson (Sec);

Harry Harrison (physio) and Jack Walkington (coach) looking out of bus window.



The above was sent in by our Archivist Keith Rowson.


OMB comments - Alf Burnell looks like a young boy? Frank Watson is not wearing a shawl,Is it material that he had just bought in Leeds market to have some Flat Caps Made?



Bob Tates Scrap Book

The above four cuttings were very kindly sent in by Bob Tate a long time Hunslet Supporter.


Thanks Bob

Old Mother Benson




From Our Archives Keith Rowson

See the 10 Photo's below





this is a photo of Hunslet with some names written on. The date was 14th April 1934, the last match before Wembley. The players are:-


Back row H Chew, K Harris, H Beverley, H Crowther, J Traill, J McAndrew


Front row C Morrell, W Thornton, G Todd, F Dawson, M Tolson, L White, G Broughton


Insets L Smith, J Walkington, H Goulthorpe, E Winter




Update from Steve Calline

7 members of the 1938 Championship Team with the Trophy

Sammy Newbound; Eddie Bennet; Markl Tolson; Cyril Plenderlyth; Les White


Billy Thornton Cyril Morall






Back Row Ted Carroll, Tuss Griffiths, Sammy Newbound, Don James, Bill Metcalfe, Keith Bowman, Arthur Talbot



Front row Granville James, Jack Evans, Dick Jones, Don Rees, Peter Anson, Tommy Potter




10 photos above details as follows

Photo 1 - Hunslet football club winners of the Yorkshire challenge cup season 1891/92

Photo 2 - Hunslet RFC 1907/8

Photo 3 - Rare photo of Hunslet's U S cavalry man Lucius Banks seen here with l to r Juke; Fowler; Banks; Randall; Wyburn

(on the 26 January 1912 Hunslet astonished the Northern Union with the announcement that they had signed Lucius

Banks a coloured American Cavalry Man, who had been recommended by a Hunslet committee member who had

seen him playing American football. He believed that Banks prowess at quarter back could be transferred to the

rugby field. Originally from Boston Mass Banks had played football and had been a sprinter at Arlington High

school before joining the US army. Hunslet had bought the 11 stone 5ft8 athlete out of the army in New York.

made his debut on the wing scoring a try thanks to a superb pass from his centre Billy Batten)

Photo 4 - J W Guerin - Hunslet

(Walter Guerin was a dominant figure at Parkside in the 1920s over 6ft tall and around 16 stone he was the

proverbial gentle giant. It was said that he never used his strength to unfair advantage. He played in every

position for Hunslet amassing over 1100 points in just over 350 appearances and held the distinction of being

one of only two men ever to lift "Resista" a popular music hall turn of the time)

Photo 5 - 1907/8 - Hunslet player centre W J Eagers

Photo 6 - 1930's -Hunslet RLFC

Photo 7 - 1934 -Hunslet RFC Challenge Cup winners Back row l/r - Crowther; Dawson; Tolson; Beverley; Smith;

Whitehead; White; - Middle row l/r Mr Lewthwaite; Dennis; Morrell; Walkington; Winter; Broughton;

(trainer Hannah); - front row l/r Todd; Thornton

Photo 8 - 1938 - Hunslet players with Championship cup - Back row l/r - Newbound; Bennett; Tolson; Plenderleith;

White Front row l/r - Thornton; Morrell

Photo 9 - early 1950s Hunslet

Photo 10 - Hunslet legend - Geoff Gunney MBE - Hunslet; Yorkshire and Great Britain Forward. Geoff hold Hunslet's

most appearances record with 606 appearances between 1951 and 1973.

More to follow from our Archivist. the one and only Keith Rowson who is also a well known Saxophoneist!


Photo's And Write ups from our Archiuvist Keith Rowson.

Photo 1 - Geoff Gunney scoring a try against Wigan - Shaw backing up as usual.

Photo 2 - Hunslet celebrate after Gunney's try against Wigan at Parkside - players l/r - Gabbitas; Griffiths; Gunney;


Photo 3 - Newspaper cutting re 'Gunney elated'

Photo 4 - Newspaper cutting re 'A cup for Hunslet + Gabbitas'

Photo 5 - Billy Baldwinson receiving a cheque from committee men Henry McCaffrey and Jack Ormsby

make no wonder Billy's smiling getting a cheque from Hunslet a rare occasion!!!

Photo 6 - Hunslet 1968 back l/r - Walker; Dunn; Baldwinson; Chamberlain; Slatter; Larkin; Marshall;

front l/r - Sanderson; Hurl; Lee; Williams; Thompson; Morgan

Photo 7 - Ken Trail Hunslet; Bradford Northern; Halifax; Wakefield Trinity and Great Britain International Loose Forward

successful Wakefield Trinity coach in the 60's and film star in This Sporting Life! having a well deserved rest in

his pub The Prospect , Hunslet. Still the "Spirituall Home of Hunslet Parkside with all the Hunslet Photo's on the Wall.

Thanks Keith



Peter Jarvis's Hunslet Junior photo.(Team photo shows Juniors and Intermediates from year?)

Peter is on the very back row 6th from left with the jersey's on.

to his front is Billy Ramsey.

Don't they both look young.

(Peter has been chideing me for ages to publish this photo of him now I hope he will be so kind and name all the rest of the playes for us- Thanks Peter you are the Greatest?)


Bob Pickles has very kindley Beat Jarvo to nameing several of the players





Middle Row:NK,NK,Harry Bath,Harry Jepson,Nk,Harold Inman,George,Ray Abbey,Charlie Hall.Jakkie Branfoot?








The Following Photos have been sent by Keith Rowdon who informs me the majorty of them were provided by an old Hunslet Parkside supporter Derek Atha and

Mick Panther, a ex Prospect landlord.

We Thank them all for contributing.

What is interesting about the top photo is that George Broughton's Son George also won a Wembly Medal for Playing for Leeds and so did his Grandson John Atkinson Playing for Leeds They are the only Father, Son and Grandson to have a Wembly Winners Medal.

"Young" Jack Walkington had Played Rugby Union for the Leeds side Burley RUFC before joining Hunslet, as did Stuart Keane.

Stat's from 1946
Thw Welsh Players
Hunslet Players with Their Caps.
Sam Smith 6th from Left


Update From Keith Rowson 1/12/2013

Great Britain Team Winners of the 1954 World Cup

standing L/R Dave Valentine. Don Robinson. John Thorley, Billy Boston, Harry Bradshaw, Sam Smith, (Hunslet), Jimmy Leadgard, Ally Noughton, Geoff Gunney (Hunslet ) Gordon Brown, Bob Coverdale

font L/R Ron Rylance FrankKitchen Billy Banks Gerry Helme Mick Sullivan Johnny Whiteley and coach Joe Egan

Boston and Gunney were late injury withdrawals replaced by David Rose and Basil Watts.


Regarding Joe Egan who was coach to the Great Britain team who became the inaugural winners of the world cup in 1954.

An aspect of his career which has often been overlooked because, in those days, the media were not obsessed with talking to coaches, and the Rugby Football League deemed it not necessary for him to accompany the team to France for the World Cup tournament. Instead, Joe had conducted a couple of training sessions with the team before they left (one at Rochdale and one at Huddersfield). After the team's triumph in France, Captain Dave Valentine and his British Team paid great tribute to the influence coach Joe Egan had on their performance. Eagle eyed readers will note that Phil Jackson is missing from the picture - he was doing military service and unable to attend training!


Great Britain tourist from 1954Our
Harry Poole Sigsn-Shaw Scores

The following 7 photo's were sent by Ernest Lundy

These old photographs of Hunslet Carr CP School's rugby and soccer teams and East Hunslet Labour Club should create a bit of interest. The Carr rugby and soccer teams were reputed to be probably the most successful schoolboy teams of their generation, if not the best ever.(Apart from the Mid 1950 teams of St Joseph's, But thats another Story-OMB) Unfortunately the careers of many were ruined by the onset of world war 2. A remarkable thing is that the boys were equally as successful in both rugby and soccer, probably due to the tremendous interest shown by teachers, and one in particular, coach Mr Cripps, who up to the time Leeds City FC were suspended from the FA for under counter payment had played an active part in the club

The medals won by many of the boys are still in the school in a roll of honour cabinet at the head of the school stairway to the upper floors, and have inspired many a young boy to emulate their feats.

What a bunch of great lads they were. Billy Thornton lived opposite my place of birth in Hunslet and his brother Ronnie one of my best friends. Slightly older than me he ended up having a fairly long spell with York RL. Colin Cooper lived up a cul-de sac opposite and was bit of a rough diamond whoas you know has gone on to be a great servant of junior rugby. Unfortunately his father died young after having a terrible time as a prisoner of the Japanese. Billy came back to live in Leeds in his old age and could often be seem walking up Balm Road with an old schoolmate of his, Joe Ramsden, who was a city boy at soccer in his youth, and also a very fair bowls player.

Bob Lundy
Hunslet Carr 1920-21
HC 1923-4


Above "The 4th person from the left on the back row is Eddie Thompson -Brother of Bill Thompson who Hooked for Hunslet before WW2- Eddie was a very fast tough srum half in his time.who was one of the trainers of "T'Labour Club" at the time.

Old Mother Benson"


E Hunslet Labour Club 1947-8



More Photo's BELOW From Steve Callines Collection (And corrected by him 5/11/2013)

Back Row:Nk,NK.NK.Nk.Alf Ginger Burnell.Colin Stansfield,Mark Tolson,INMAN?

Middle RowTed Carrol,Ken Buck.George Todd.Jimmy Brogden,G.Philpot later a referee. Nk.Nk,Nk.

Front Row:W.Robinson, The Yorkshire Cup R.Goddard.

1946-7 "A" Team
1955 Semi Final Team


Back Row;Arthur Clues:Brian Shaw: Granville James:Sam Smith:Geoff Gunney:Gordon Waite; Don Hatfield

Front Row:Arthur Talbot:Alan Snowden:Dickie Williams:Alf "Ginger" Burnell:Freddie Williamson.

The Above team included Eight Internationals and Two World Cup winners.

Hunslet Jersey's Through the Ages from Steve Calline
Hunslet Jersey's part 2


Hunslet R.L. Club Were So So Generous to Their StaFF !!

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